Pricing for Legal Services


Healthcare Directive/Living Will
$25 and up

Power of Attorney
$150 and up

$150 and up

Small succession
$550 and up

Succession (no will; heirs in agreement)
$650 and up

Succession (will; without administration)
$750 and up

Succession (administration required)
$1,750 and up

Incorporation of Business
$750 and up

Notary fee
$25 and up


Prenuptial Agreement
$350 and up

Uncontested divorce
$500 and up

Contested divorce
$1,500 and up

Uncontested Community Property
$500 and up

Contested Community Property
$1500 and up

Child custody
$5,000 and up

Joint Custody Plan
$750 and up

Calculate Child Support
$200 and up

Litigate Child Support
$3,500 and up

Spousal support/alimony
$3,500 and up

Inter-Family Adoption
$3,000 and up

Adoption – not interfamily
$5,000 and up

CPS child in state custody
$10,000 and up


DWI – first offense
$4,500 and up

Misdemeanor Defense
$2,500 and up

Felony Defense
$3,500 and up

$1,500 and up

$500 and up


Document Preparation Services

Residential Property Buy/Sell Agreement
$150 - $200

Consultation on residential Buy/Sell drafted by 3rd Party

Commercial Buy/Sell Price Available on Request Cash Deed
$150 and up

Credit Deed
$200 and up

Donation Deed
$150 and up

Mortgage Release
$75 and up

Act of Correction
$75 and up

Corporate Resolution or Certificate of Authority
$75 and up

Act of Immobilization
$150 and up

Act of Demobilization
$150 and up

Demand letter only
$150 and up

Closing and Settlement Fees

$200 and up

Closing w/o Abstract Performed
$75 and up

Escrow and Closing Fee
$325 and up

Mailout (long distance) per out of town party
Additional $130**

After hours closing
Additional $75

Overnight Package Fee (per loan or payoff)
$40 and up

Courier Fee
$10 and up

Incoming Wire

Outgoing Wire

Subject to Additional Filing Fees with Clerk of Court
All prices are subject to change within 10 days of this publication

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Family Law

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  • Adoption
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Criminal Law

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